Back in 2019 I started to learn to draw cartoons. As a chemical engineer working in remote Queensland this was a rather odd thing to do. But every night instead of going out to drink beer I would pull out my iPad and draw cartoons for around 2 hours. Then I would post on Instagram and in a learning forum and go to bed. I did this every night for around one year. I've continued drawing cartoons every night through the upheaval of leaving my job earlier this year and starting my new career in the world of data science and machine learning.

At first my cartoons were well below average. They really were. Yet every week I would learn and focus on a new concept. Despite being very different I realised that the learning process I was using for cartooning could be applied to renew my career in data science and machine learning.

You can become a proficient user of machine learning approaches to make better decisions just like I learnt to draw cartoons, even though I was starting from absolute zero.  

The Ball

The ball is in your court