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Why Machines Help You Decide

(and Why They Don't)

Hi, I'm Matt.  I've been working as a engineer in research and industry for over 25 years and am now learning how to apply the most recent advances in machine learning to making better decisions.

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Are you spinning your wheels because you don't know how to manage a machine learning project?

Do you have subject matter expertise but are relatively new to data science? Do you really understand how a machine learning project works? Are you harnessing its enormous potential to develop a solution that will actually generate more revenue for your business or client? Why do so many machine learning projects start off with a bang and then slowly grind to a halt? You can change your approach to managing your machine learning projects—and make more effective decisions— so that your client or manager is not only happy with the results, but wants to give you more responsibility and opportunities in the future.

The key to successful machine learning projects isn't someone's new black box or bewildering technology.  Instead, it's understanding how machine learning can help you make better business decisions.  When you ask the right questions your stakeholders don't lose faith in the project.  Instead they get interested and want to know more—then they provide you with more resources and purchase orders.  Yet, without a clear understanding of how a machine learning projects works, we often get stuck in confusion.

So how do we move ahead?  Do we use some boring project management framework or outsource the job to a consultant's magic black box?  How do we manage a successful machine learning project that leverages your subject matter expertise—without the black box?

Gordian Knot

Machinatoonist unties the Gordion knot

Our decision making brains are unreliable and predictable.  When faced with an important decision we tend to respond quite predictably and suboptimally.

Imagine being able to leverage the power of decision theory in your machine learning projects.  It's so simple, that you'll wonder how you managed without this understanding for so long.

So come with us on this adventure into the world of machine learning.  Instead of some boring, tedious academic lecture, we'll have a light-hearted time learning about making decisions with the help of machines.  Within the pages of this website, you'll be getting samples, reports, guides and loads of cartoons, absolutely free.

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